Håndtørrer BARI GOLD - blæser

Varenummer: EX10040150 / Model: BARI GOLD

Håndtørrer BARI GOLD - blæser

  • Varenummer: EX10040150
  • Model: BARI GOLD
  • En del af vareudbuddet siden: 2018
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Håndtørrer BARI GOLD - blæser


  • Quick and efficient hand drying in less than 5 seconds, at 40 °C
  • High safety standards, protection class IPX4 and protection against electrocution
  • LED display for emitting colours during operation
  • Automatic, hygienic, touch-free operation
  • powerful ECO-engine with 1.200 watts for fast drying with low energy consumption


Hand dryer BARI GOLD - Airblade

The BARI GOLD hand dryer is the perfect device for any public restroom where there is a lot of traffic and people are in a hurry to dry their hands - be it at a restaurant, hotel, shopping centre, hospital, office building or any other large building. Thanks to the energy-saving and efficient ECO-engine, the ultra-modern design, the amazing drying speed and the fully automatic operation, this Airblade model is a true all-rounder for hand drying. Compared to competing products, the Bari Gold hand dryer is faster and more energy-efficient. It also has a higher protection class (IPX4).

Environment-friendly and cost-saving - the BARI GOLD hand dryer


The powerful, energy-efficient ECO-engine generates up to 32.000 rotations per minute at 1.200 watts. It reaches an air speed of 90 m/s. Your hands are dry in only five seconds, at a temperature of 40 °C. The power consumption is lower despite having a faster drying time than other hand dryers.


The BARI GOLD hand dryer is very environmentally-friendly. It can be used to avoid waste, so you also save the cost of paper towels and regularly emptied bins.

Hygienic drying of hands at public restrooms


Operating the BARI GOLD is very intuitive: It is both contactless and automatic. The device’s ON / OFF switch is discreetly mounted to the side to prevent accidental use by users. Once the device is switched on, the drying is completely contactless and sterile thanks to the built-in infrared sensors. There is enough space for both hands to be dried at the same time.


Every drying cycle lasts 25 seconds, which also protects the device against overheating. A modern LED display emits blue, orange and green colours until the drying process is finished. Should very wet hands not be sufficiently dried after a drying cycle, another cycle can be started immediately.


The air in the room is not polluted, because the hand dryer is equipped with a triple, antibacterial HEPA filter, which can be easily exchanged. The HEPA filter removes 99% of the bacteria from the air. An air filter is placed between the water collector and the HEPA filter. It removes the dust particles from the air. The device also has an insert for aromatic room scents to counteract unpleasant odours.


At 84 decibels, the BARI GOLD is very quiet compared to other products on the market. The hand dryer complies with all standards of the IPX4 protection class and can therefore be used safely at any time. Its electrical components are protected against splashing water. It also has a built-in electric shock protection.

Easy installation and maintenance with the BARI GOLD hand dryer


With its modern, compact design, the hand dryer can be installed in a variety of bathroom and toilet facilities. The bright, pearly white colour of the device has a hygienic and attractive effect on the user. The specially developed ABS plastic of the casing is very resistant, easy to clean and extremely heat-resistant, prolonging the durability of the device.


The hand dryer is very easy to clean. You only need to pour 200 ml of clean water into the hole leading to the hidden drain hose. It should also be brushed with a soft brush. The collecting container can be emptied.


The wall mount and accessories for an easy installation are included in delivery. You can freely decide on the mounting height. Another advantage over fixed units is that you can easily and simply clean the underlying floor surface. The automatic hand dryer BARI GOLD combines maximum comfort and efficient, low-noise hand drying.

1,200 W
Power connection
10 A
Air temperature
40 °C
Drying time
ca. 5 s
Drying cycle
25 s
Protection class
Protection against electrocution
Class II
Rotation speed
32,000 r/min
Air speed           
90 m/s
Air volume        
150 m3/h
Noise level        
84 dB
Capacity, water collector
600 ml
Air filter
Anti-bacterial filter
Application for room scents
Length, power cable
1,35 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
22 x 29,5 x 65,5 cm
8,85 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
72 x 36,5 x 28 cm
Shipping weight
10,2 kg
  • Hand dryer BARI GOLD
  • Wall bracket
  • Mounting kit
  • Instruction manual